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Gaining A Better Grasp On Inventory Control With Our New Event Rental Software

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Gaining A Better Grasp On Inventory Control With Our New Event Rental Software

Our new events event rental software continues to be an invaluable asset to our operations. Before investing in the software, we faced occasional challenges when it came to inventory control, much to the disappointment of our clients.

Real-time Inventory Availability Checks
With proper reservation management, we have been able to completely do away with the problem of double-bookings. The Go To Bookings Party Rental Software automatically updates rental item availability in real-time, ensuring that no two clients can ever book the same item at the same time.

Maintenance on Inventory
The software has also helped our team when it comes to equipment maintenance in order to ensure that the inventory levels are just right. A maintenance schedule is prepared and the items queued up based on the age, frequency of use, among other factors. The software also allows for operators to view an inventory itemís order history, which will inform the need for maintenance. The software sends automated reminders, so that we do not miss on any of these scheduled maintenance checks.

By so doing, we ensure that every item in our event and party rental inventory is in the best condition and fit for renting out to our clients. Since we started using the rental software, we have not had cases where we had to turn away any clients and miss a potential sales opportunity owing to low inventory levels.

Better Inventory Organization
Staying organized was always a challenge, but with the software, we have been able to organize our inventory in different categories and subcategories. This makes it so much easier for you to find exactly what you need.
Finding rental software with features that are industry-specific has changed our everyday operations. As a party and event rental business dealing in a range of rental items, the software has helped with the inventory control aspect of running our business, to the mutual benefit of our business and the customers we serve.

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